Trump Bashes DeSantis: Banning Abortions on Babies With Beating Hearts is “Too Harsh”, by Steven Ertelt

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Donald Trump at United Nations

By Steven Ertelt. LifeNews, May 15, 2023

Washington, DCFormer President Donald Trump is criticizing pro-life Florida Governor Ron DeSantis today. Trump says that the 6-week abortion ban that DeSantis signed that protects unborn babies with beating hearts from being killed in abortions is potentially “too harsh.”

As LifeNews reported in April, DeSantis made Florida the next state to officially protect the lives of unborn children after Roe was overturned last summer. Pro-Life Americans from across the country celebrated the new law, which protects babies whose heartbeats can easily be detected and whose lives have existed for a month and a half starting at conception. …

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