Trump: Biden is “Weak” and “A Trojan Horse for Socialists”; Calls Out ‘Liberal Hypocrites’, by Susan Jones

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August 29, 2020
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August 29, 2020

By Susan Jones, CNSNews, August 28, 2020 

( – One of President Trump’s many criticisms of Joe Biden, expressed in his Thursday night acceptance speech, is that Biden is “weak” and “a Trojan horse for socialists.”

Trump said Biden is beholden to “liberal hypocrites” who do not practice what they preach:

Joe Biden is weak. He takes his marching orders from liberal hypocrites who drive their cities into the ground while fleeing far from the scene of the wreckage.

These same liberals want to eliminate school choice while they enroll their children in the finest private schools in the land. They want to open our borders while living in walled-off compounds in communities in the best neighborhoods in the world. They want to defund the police while they have armed guards for themselves. …

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