Trump Is Right On the China Threat, by Ben Shapiro

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By Ben Shapiro, Guest Columnist, OneNewsNow, Aug. 28, 2019

If Americans are asked to shoulder an economic burden without being informed as to the rationale or the cost, they will rightly buck. Therefore, President Trump must articulate to them the importance of opposing China’s ambitions – or his economic war with that nation will fail.

President Trump’s latest foray into the world of international economics – his ongoing trade war with China – has been widely derided by his critics. It’s been derided on the grounds that there is no long-term strategy; on the grounds that the trade war will not be, as Trump has bragged, a “good and easy to win”; on the grounds that Trump continues to send mixed signals, simultaneously claiming that China is bearing the brunt of his tariffs while desperately urging Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to lower interest rates.

Now, Trump’s trade policy may not be well-considered. His understanding of trade is rudimentary at best – he still operates under the assumption that mutually beneficial trade is actually a zero-sum game. And Trump’s rhetoric may be confusing – it’s unclear whether Trump wants tariffs or wants to alleviate them. But Trump does have one thing absolutely right: China is an imperturbable geopolitical foe. And the United States ought to be taking a serious look at a long-term strategy to contain and then reverse the dominance of the totalitarian communist regime. ….