Two Crises, One Thing Necessary, by Dan Burke

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January 23, 2020
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January 24, 2020

By Dan Burke, Crisis Magazine, January 23, 2020

Dan Burke is the President and C.O.O. of EWTN News and the President of the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation.

Dan BurkeThere is no arguing that we are facing a crisis of immense proportions in the Church. We most likely wince at the daily headlines of scandal, accusations, cover-ups, doublespeak, and unfaithfulness to vows, teaching, and immorality within the hierarchy of the Church—all of which leave her vulnerable and disreputable at exactly the time when the world most desperately needs her moral leadership.

If you suspect that our enemy is employing a deliberate and tauntingly ironic strategy, you are correct.

But there is another crisis, too, perhaps more hidden but also dangerous. It is the crisis in souls who love their Mother, the Church, and who see a deepening chasm between what the Church is, and what she should be. Watching the beloved bride become more and more disfigured by the sin within, they may be understandably tempted to frustration, anxiety, and even outrage.

We must do something!  ….

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