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By Lisa Bourne. LifeSiteNews, July 22, 2019

Lisa BourneJuly 22, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, spoke out on Twitter over the weekend about how the Catholic Church’s moral teaching on sexuality and the family has been broken and tainted of late, and he called for a return to the truth of that teaching by Catholic laity and bishops.

He said:

Bishop J. Strickland@Bishopoftyler – The deposit of faith has not been guarded, instead it has been fragmented & corrupted especially in the areas of marriage, family & sexuality. I pray that bishops & all Catholics will return anew to this font of revealed truth & pray for cleansing & renewal in God’s life & grace.  1,540  –  

Bishop Strickland told LifeSiteNews his tweet was prompted by the upcoming anniversary of Humanae Vitae, and that he has been trying to tweet periodically on the themes contained in the document.

The 51st anniversary of the landmark encyclical on contraception and human life promulgated by St. Pope Paul VI is July 25.

The document upheld the Church’s teaching on the immorality of contraception and is considered prophetic by many for its prediction of many social ills that have come to pass, such as marital infidelity, a general decline of morality, increased disrespect for women, and population control.

“Our society is unraveling, especially with regard to marriage, family and sexual morality,” Strickland said. “This is all the more tragic because God has revealed the truth that we need to flourish in this world and share eternal life with Him after we depart this world.”

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