U.S. Catholic Bishop: LGBT Indoctrination is ‘Child Abuse’

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By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews, December 4, 2019

Bishop Joseph Strickland. (Diocese of Tyler, Texas)

Commenting on a video that shows how pro-LGBT propaganda is being taught on a popular YouTube-based series for kids,  U.S. Bishop Joseph Strickland, who oversees the Catholic Diocese of Tyler, Texas, tweeted that this so-called education is “evil” and constitutes “CHILD ABUSE.”

“We must STOP THIS INSANITY!!” said the bishop.

The video is from an episode of “Sex Ed School” on the Shaftesbury Kids’ YouTube channel, which is run by Shaftesbury in Toronto, Canada.

In the episode, sex educators Nadine and Eva are speaking to a classroom of students who look to be eight or nine years old. Some of the things they tell the students include, “Gender is how you feel on the inside about whether you’re a boy or a girl. … Our genitals actually don’t determine our gender. So, some people born with vulvas can be boys.”

The sex educators then introduce an “extra special visitor to sex-ed school,” a purple-haired transgender “man” — a woman who has transitioned into a man. In the scene, “he” tells a group of about 10 young students, “I have been through the spectrum, if we were to say a spectrum like boys and girls, I have been everywhere in between. … In my 20s, I decided to become a drag king.” ….

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