U.S. City That Allowed Anarchists to Occupy it Now Sued by Black Family Over Son’s Murder, by Art Moore

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In 2020, a neighborhood east of Seattle's downtown was taken over by militant activists declaring it the 'Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,' and now known as the 'Capitol Hill Organized Protest' zone, or CHOP. (Video screenshot)

Failings of defund-police area enabled ‘state-created danger’

Art Moore

The city government that allowed Black Lives Matter activists and anarchists to take control of a portion of Seattle is the target of a lawsuit by the family of a black teenager whose murder in the occupied territory remains unsolved.

The family of 16-year-old Antonio Mays Jr. contends their son might still be alive if not for the failure of city leadership to provide medical, police and emergency services to the Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone, known as CHOP, during the summer 2020 riots, the Seattle Times reported. …

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