UK Police Raid Pro-Life Advocate’s Home and Arrest Her Without Warrant, by Steven Ertelt

The Church’s Silence is Hurting Young People, by Michael Brown
October 15, 2022
President Trump Sends Letter to Jan 6 Committee – “We Demand Answers on the Crime of the Century!” by Joe Hoft
October 15, 2022

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews, Oct. 14, 2022

London, EnglandPro-Life Americans are up in arms about the FBI targeting peaceful pro-life advocates, raiding their home and arresting them. But the persecution of pro-life people is not limited to the United States.

As one pro-life activist from the UK tells it, police arrested her in her home last week while she was in the middle of cooking a meal. Catholic commentator Caroline Farrow says she was “roasting chicken and putting the laundry away when suddenly the police knocked on the door of her home in Guildford, West Surrey, and arrested her without a warrant for malicious communications and harassment in relation to a long-running online debate she had regarding transgender issues.”  …

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