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Msgr. Livio Melina speaks at the Rome Life Forum, May 18, 2018 Diane Montagna/LifeSiteNews

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture, Aug 06, 2019

Pay careful attention to the statement by Msgr. Livio Melina regarding the radical change in orientation at the John Paul II Institute, where he, until recently, served as president:

If the decisions taken by Archbishop Paglia are not revoked, then what they are saying is: ‘The interpretation of the magisterium of Pope Francis in continuity with the previous Magisterium is intolerable in the Church.’”

Although he is openly critical of Archbishop Paglia, who is presiding over the ideological purge at the Institute, Msgr. Melina is also being diplomatic in his own way; he is carefully avoiding criticism of Pope Francis. Archbishop Paglia wants the revamped Institute to promote the thought of Pope Francis. Msgr. Melina does not oppose that goal; he wants merely to be allowed to explain how the thought of Pope Francis can be understood in the light of previous Church teaching. But such explanations, Msgr. Melina tells us, are “intolerable” to the Institute’s new leadership. ….

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