Understanding Pope Francis: It’s the Moral Theology, Stupid, by Larry Chapp 

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June 16, 2022
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June 16, 2022

COMMENTARY: Something serious does seem to be afoot with this papacy that differs markedly from its predecessors, and that ‘something’ is a revolutionary change in moral theology.

Larry ChappIn 1992, with America in the midst of a recession, then-candidate for president Bill Clinton had a simple message: “It’s the economy, stupid.” Paraphrasing a bit, I would say something similar with regard to the enigma that is Pope Francis: “It’s the moral theology, stupid.”

And I say that he is an enigma because the common narrative with regard to him seems to be that he is a “liberal,” and yet he has not given the liberal wing of the Church any of their most cherished goals. He has not ended mandatory celibacy, ordained women to the priesthood or the diaconate, changed the Church’s teachings on human sexuality …

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