UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ and Pachamama (Pope Francis, Catholics “Must Obey the United Nations”) by Liz Yore

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November 20, 2019
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November 20, 2019

By Liz Yore, Church Militant, November 19, 2019

Elizabeth Yore is an international child protection attorney. She served on the Heartland Institute delegation that travelled to the Vatican in 2015 to protest the Popes reliance on population control advocates in his exhortation, Laudato Si.

“Believe in climate change as though it’s a religion,” intoned U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) at the Congressional DACA prayer breakfast last week.

Oops, Mazie — you let the cat out of the recycle bag! What happened to the United Nations and its global elites lecturing the plebeians that climate change is all about scientific facts? What happened to the Amazon Synod and Laudato Sí drumbeat that “science is settled” and that overpopulation causes climate change? 

It’s time to embed climate change as dogma, worthy of its own sins and papal exhortations.

Is this another tectonic paradigm shift from the eco-fanatics? Are they again moving the linguistic goalposts for the umpteenth time? Remember, when the environmentalists called the crisis “global cooling” in the 70s? Then the lingo changed when those nasty facts got in the way, and it became “global warming,” only to morph into “climate change,” then into “extreme weather events” and now, (drum roll, please), it’s a religion!

Now that the environmental lobby has secured its religious and moral leader in the Vatican, it’s time to embed climate change as dogma, worthy of its own sins and papal exhortations. Its a “religion” — you must obey. 

The globalists schemed for decades to cloak the tyrannical eco-hoax in a religious cloud cover but were thwarted by the two previous popes, who recognized the pernicious U.N. population control advocates were driving the environmental agenda  first under the U.N. 2015 Millennium Development Goals and now with the upgraded 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The global elites have snagged their “Green Pope” in the person of Jorge Bergoglio, who, like the tyrannical globalist that he is, recently chided Catholics that they “must obey the United Nations.”  ….

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