Unveiling Collusion Over Another Presidential Race

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January 25, 2018
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January 26, 2018

By Chad Groening, OneNewsNow, January 25, 2018

The ongoing pursuit of Obama administration misdeeds has revealed yet another revelation: the U.S. worked with the Palestinian Authority to undermine Israel’s incumbent president.

Citing a successful lawsuit against the State Department, the American Center for Law and Justice says documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act confirm the prevous administration did more than just work behind the scenes to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015.

What the ACLJ has learned, says associate counsel Mathew Clark, is that the anti-Netanyahu politicking was led by the son of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

“The son of the Palestinian Authority president,” says Clark, “engaged in an effort to replace the government of Israel and the Obama administration not only knew about it, but funded it.”

It was learned only last year after a Senate investigation that non-profit group OneVoice received approximately $350,000 from the State Department, funds there were used in a campaign to unseat Netanyahu while he feuded with Obama and his State Department.

A 2016 Washington Times story describing the revelations points out that State Department officials knew OneVoice was working to oust Netanyahu with the funds – and allowed the group to continue doing so.

The Senate investigation also revealed another routine pattern of the Obama administration, when a State Department official claimed he was unaware he was required to keep official emails and not delete them.

The newest documents show that Yasser Maumoud Abbas is a member of OneVoice, the ACLJ is reporting.

In summary, Clark alleges, the Obama-led State Department gave U.S. taxpayer dollars to a terrorist-affiliated organization to unseat the democratically elected leader of the only free democracy in the Middle East and a supposed U.S. ally.