Vaccine Mandate Sticks It to Freedom, by Tony Perkins

Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation: Say the Word – Be Healed
September 13, 2021
Tyrannizing The Common Good, by C.C. Pecknold
September 13, 2021

By Tony Perkins, Patriot Post, Sept. 11, 2021

This is about government coercion and raw power — and nothing will stand in their way of either.

Twenty years ago, Americans went to sleep never imagining the next morning would change our lives forever. We woke up to a once-in-a-generation nightmare carried out by extremists who despised our way of life, our liberties, and our God. Their hatred killed 3,000 innocents that day, but it did not kill America. Unfortunately for the terrorists, the people of this country were resilient — even in unspeakable tragedy. We mourned, flew bigger flags, and rebuilt. It would have never occurred to us then that two decades later one of the greatest assaults on our sovereignty would come from our government itself. That the man we’d elect as president would one day tell us that confronting a deadly threat is “no longer about freedom and personal choice.” …

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