Vaccine of Death: Episcopal Confusion, by William Mahoney, Ph.D.

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March 10, 2021
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March 10, 2021

By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant, March 9, 2021



More bishops are giving their blessings and even encouraging vaccination, downplaying the use of fetal cells and overlooking another fundamental moral question.

Bishop Robert McElroy: “The concrete moral question at this moment is in Catholic theology, is it morally appropriate and, in fact, morally a very good thing to take any one of these three vaccines now to bring immunity to the whole of the society? And the answer quite clearly at all levels is yes.”

McElroy’s counsel comes after the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops recently suggested avoiding the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Pfizer and Moderna reportedly used fetal cell lines for testing, but not production, whereas Johnson & Johnson used such lines for testing and production.

McElroy clarified in a statement that all the vaccines are “morally legitimate” owing to limited vaccine options, adding — along with the pope — “in receiving them we are truly showing love for our neighbor and our God.”

Referencing all available vaccinations, Abp. [Michael] Jackels echoed McElroy, claiming protecting the common good against “a contagious and potentially deadly virus takes precedence over any reservations Catholics might have about being treated with any of the available vaccines.”

But in addition to fetal cells, a more fundamental question is the safety of vaccinations, and this against a virus with early estimates predicting a 97–99.75% recovery rate.

Collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adverse incident reports reveal almost 1,000 deaths, and abroad, Austrian authorities have suspended a batch of AstraZeneca’s vaccine after one 49-year-old woman died and another 35-year-old woman developed a pulmonary embolism.

And even more international reports of vaccine-related deaths are coming from England, Spain, Norway, Gibraltar and so on.

Not every bishop agrees with blessing or encouraging vaccination.

Bishop Joseph Strickland: “[S]ome of the vaccines use these cell lines that have been developed from aborted children. They literally talk about what organ was used to develop this from a child.”

In lockstep with Marxist tactics, McElroy has claimed abortion is not the preeminent issue while claiming climate change should be a top priority.

Meanwhile, he and other prelates are overlooking an even more basic priority: self-preservation.

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