Vaccine Passports for Mass? by Douglas Farrow

The Ultimate Clericalism, by Phil Lawler
November 3, 2021
CNA: Pope Francis to COP26: ‘Now Is the Time to Act, Urgently, Courageously, and Responsibly’
November 3, 2021

By Douglas Farrow, Crisis Magazine, Nov. 3, 2021

Douglas Farrow is Professor of Theology and Ethics at McGill University in Montreal. He has written frequently in Catholic World Report, First Things, Touchstone and other journals, popular or academic. …

Last month I wrote a piece entitled Unclean! Unclean! in which I criticized the decision of the Archbishop of Moncton to divide his flock between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, and to refuse any longer to nourish the latter with sacramental graces. That piece lasted some thirty-six hours before it was removed. Apparently, one doesn’t accuse a sitting archbishop of heretical views and schismatic actions.

The archbishop’s decision didn’t last much longer. He struck a new deal with the New Brunswick health authorities that stopped just short of excommunicating the unvaccinated.  …

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