Vatican City State Issues Decree Suggesting Those Who Refuse COVID Vaccine May Lose Their Jobs, by Jeanne Smits

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February 18, 2021
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February 18, 2021


The decree clearly indicates that refusing the vaccine would imperil public health and that therefore the law is required to make sure that doesn’t happen

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VATICAN CITY, Italy, February 17, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) —The Vatican City State – the Holy See’s independent city state – recently issued a decree that includes COVID-19 vaccination among the measures its authorities can use in order to fight the current “public health emergency.” While the decree does not explicitly make taking an experimental COVID-19 vaccine mandatory in the Vatican and attached territories, it does suggest that people employed by the Holy See or the Roman Curia could lose their job if they fail to take the jab.


The decree, available here (in Italian only) on the Vatican City State website, does not mention COVID-19 but any “public health emergency” defined, quoting the World Heath Organization’s 2001 text, as “an event or imminent threat of a disease or health condition, caused by bioterrorism, epidemic or pandemic disease, or new and highly fatal infectious agent or biological toxin, epidemic or pandemic disease that poses a substantial risk to a significant number of human resources or results in injury or permanent or long-term disability.”  …