Vatican Essentially Prohibits Traditional Masses in Saint Peter’s Basilica, by Jeanne Smits

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March 13, 2021
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St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. Shutterstock

There are only four time slots per day for traditional Masses in one small chapel, and individual Masses in general are canceled.

By Jeanne Smits, Paris Correspondent, LifeSiteNews, March 12, 2021

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VATICAN CITY, March 12, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In a new development infringing on the freedom to celebrate the “extraordinary form” of the Roman rite, the Vatican’s Secretariat of State circulated a note with details of new dispositions restricting all “individual” Masses in Saint Peter’s Basilica, with special, even more restrictive measures for the traditional rite.

The new rules will enter into effect as of March 22, Monday of the fifth week of Lent. From that day onward, and for an indefinite period, all priests and faithful who come to daily Mass in the Basilica will be required to join “concelebrated” Masses at fixed times between 7 and 9 a.m. in only two locations: the Chapel of the Choir (“Cappella del Coro”) that is situated halfway down the left-hand nave, opposite the Chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament, and usually closed by a wrought-iron grille, and the Altar of the Chair of Saint Peter, behind the main altar in the apse of the Basilica. …

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