Vax Mandates Medically Futile, Likely Illegal, Part I, by Alan Moy, MD

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July 29, 2021
Cdl. Burke: There Are ‘Many in the Church’ Who Are in ‘Practical Apostasy’
July 29, 2021

Primer on vaccine science

Part I of a series. Dr. Moy previously has recommended ending COVID segregation at Mass.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our country has faced unprecedented — and unnecessary — suffering because of misinformation, deceit and censorship foisted on Americans by public health authorities, media, government, private and public institutions, as well as the Catholic Church.

Many countries like the United States have been subjected to unnecessary lockdowns, economic and medical calamities and restrictions on civil and religious liberties. This loss of freedom is currently represented by a growing number of schools and hospitals pushing vaccine mandates with a “medicine” that not only comes with efficacy and safety concerns but that has been developed with morally tainted cell lines derived from aborted babies. What is most reprehensible is that these vaccine mandates are being imposed on employees working in Catholic hospital systems and students who are attending Catholic schools, schools that claim to have a Catholic worldview. …

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