Vaxxed Philippine Bishops Catch Covid, by Nadia Hazimeh

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September 22, 2021
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Bp. Jose Gerardo Alminaza, Cdl. Jose Advíncula and Bp. Leopoldo Jaucian

By Nadia Hazimeh, Church Militant, September 21, 2021

Unvaxxed laity barred from Mass

Manila, Philippines ( – Filipino bishops are contracting COVID-19 even after being fully vaccinated, even while other bishops are forcing laity to be jabbed in order to attend Mass and religious events.

San Carlos bishop Jose Gerardo Alminaza from the Negros Occidental province tested positive Sunday for the second time since June, but this time with no symptoms. The archbishop of Manila, Cdl. José Advíncula, also tested positive Friday with a slight fever, but is reportedly in “good shape.” Both already had the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, and in light of the positive tests, have since canceled Masses and public engagements so they can isolate. A third Filipino prelate, Bp. Leopoldo Jaucian of the Bangued diocese also contracted the Wuhan virus after being fully vaccinated.

Jaucian posted his status on the diocesan Facebook page a couple of weeks ago: “Having been fully vaccinated and diligently following health protocols, COVID-19 has not escaped me.” …

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