Viganò Champions Virgin Mary After Pope Francis Smear, by Stephen Wynne

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December 20, 2019
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December 21, 2019

By Stephen Wynne, Church Militant, December 19, 2019

Warns that ‘Marian intolerance’ is hallmark of modernism

VATICAN CITY ( – The Blessed Virgin Mary “will do battle to save the Church and will destroy the unfettered army of the Enemy that has declared war on her, and with him all the demonic pachmamas will return definitively to Hell,” Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò said Thursday.

In a statement titled “Mary Immaculate Virgin and Mother— Acies Ordinata, ora pro nobis,” the Vatican whistleblower blasted Pope Francis after the pontiff scorned the concept of Mary as co-redemptrix as “foolishness.” 

“On the liturgical memorial of the Virgin of Guadalupe,” Francis “gave vent once again to his evident Marian intolerance,” said Viganò. 

To attack Mary is to pounce against Christ Himself.

Those who profane Mary “show that they are on the side of the Enemy,” he warned. “To attack Mary is to pounce against Christ Himself; attacking the Mother is rising up against the Son and rebelling against the very mystery of the Holy Trinity.” 

“The tragic story of this failed pontificate advances with a pressing succession of twists and turns,” the archbishop lamented. Daily, “from the most exalted throne the Supreme Pontiff proceeds to dismantle the See of Peter, using and abusing its supreme authority, not to confess but to deny; not to confirm but to mislead; not to unite but to divide; not to build but to demolish.”  ….

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