Violence In the Womb Is ‘Spilling Out’ Into the Streets, by Charlie Butts

A ‘Terrorist Organization’, by Michael Voris
June 12, 2020
Why Did This Happen? by Robert B. Greving
June 12, 2020

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow, June 12, 2020

An important part of the Washington, D.C. area will soon learn the truth about abortion.

Ohio-based Created Equal is mailing thousands of postcards featuring a picture of an abortion victim to Washington residents in the next several weeks.

“We had planned this before the riots taking place in Washington,” begins Mark Harrington, head of the pro-life organization. “We’re trying to teach people that what’s happening in the streets is due directly to what has been happening in the womb for now almost 50 years and that the current violence and rioting

in our major cities is a result of our unwillingness to love our preborn neighbors as ourselves, and that’s why we see the violence in the womb now spilling out into violence in the streets.”


It comes down to a lack of respect for life — in or out of the womb.

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