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By Charlie Butts, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow, July 17, 2019

Democratic lawmakers in Illinois want to help girls sneak into abortion clinics and keep their parents in the dark, but a pro-life activist says the issue is about more than one controversial law.

A 1995 law bars minors from getting an abortion without parental notification but now a proposal in the General Assembly would drop the old law entirely despite a “judicial bypass” option that is also on the books. 

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute says such a law would affect many more families than those in her state.

“This is going to be for every girl,” she warns. “And actually, since we already are the abortion Mecca of the Midwest, this would allow sex traffickers [and] predators to bring young minor girls into the state to have abortions.”

Bill sponsor Sen. Elgie Sims, quoted by NPR Illinois, said young people are “at risk” by the current law because they might be “ostracized’ by family or even be in “physical danger” if their family learns they are pregnant.

Yet the NPR story notes there is a “bypass option” in the current law, and a judge quoted in the story says “99.5 percent” of girls who stand before a judge are deemed mature enough to go forward with an abortion.

An attorney who helps girls get abortions through the “bypass” option told NPR Illinois she has helped 26 girls obtain abortions without parental approval, and the ACLU has helped approximately 400 girls use it, too. 

Abortion, after all, is a revered issue for many Democrats and feminists.  ….

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