WATCH! Children of Winter: The Remnant of Christendom, by Michael J. Matt

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February 16, 2021
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February 16, 2021

By  Michael J. Matt, Editor, The Remnant Newspaper, February 15, 2021

This powerful RTV Short makes several poignant observations about the situation in which we all find ourselves, in this our post-Christian civilization.

Our cities burn, our children die, God is dead and who’s to blame for it all? Who will history hold accountable for the Christ-less chaos of this insane new order?

Some blame the bandits in the streets. But since many of these are mere children, this seems shortsighted.

Others blame the politicians, the talking heads, the teachers or the parents.  But this video suggests a culprit far more fundamental than that.  Yes, we all sinners. But we didn’t start this fire.

So who did?

Written and narrated by Michael J. Matt, this one is directed by his son, Walter Matt.

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