WATCH! Mel Gibson Expresses Support for Coalition for Canceled Priests, Calls Bishops “Hirelings” in the Church

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September 14, 2021
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September 14, 2021

Video courtesy of Coalition for Canceled Priests, Sep 10, 2021

In his video message, Gibson spoke about “hirelings” in the Church who are not defending authentic Church teaching. He said that he agreed with Archbishop Viganò’s view that Vatican II should be scrapped altogether and that a “parallel, counterfeit Church” was setup to “eclipse” the true Catholic Church.

Famed Catholic film director Mel Gibson has come out in support of the Coalition for Canceled Priests as well as the views taken by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. This video message was played at the “Rally and Rosary of Reparation” event today hosted by the Coalition for Canceled Priests.

Video courtesy of Coalition for Canceled Priests:

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