WATCH! New Undercover Video Shows Potentially Massive Election Fraud in Texas, by Michael Haynes

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Raquel Rodriguez in Project Veritas undercover videoProject Veritas / YouTube

Voters are bribed and coaxed to vote for Democrats — including changing their votes already on the ballot.

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews, October 27, 2020

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, October 27, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Undercover journalists have discovered election fraud on a potentially massive scale in Texas, as voters are bribed and coaxed to vote for Democrats — including changing votes on the ballot.

Project Veritas today released a new video, documenting one woman in particular who claimed that she was “bringing at least at least 7,000 votes to the polls.”

Raquel Rodriguez from San Antonio, who officially works for a homosexual Republican candidate for Congress, Mauro Garza, is secretly a ballot chaser, bribing and coercing voters to change their ballot in favor of Democratic candidates.

The video remains unclear at times. It seems Rodriguez aims to get Democrats into the White House, as well as other positions, while also helping Republican Mauro Garza get elected to Congress. Rodriguez mentioned she intends to “flip all these Dems, but I got to flip them only for him,” meaning Garza.