WATCH! POPE FRANCIS is a DISASTER: Cardinal Pell’s Last Word, by Michael J. Matt

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January 16, 2023
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By Michael J. Matt, Editor, Remnant TV, January 14, 2023

BREAKING NOW: The pontificate of Francis the Globalist pope is in disarray, if not full blown civil war. It was revealed this week that George Cardinal Pell was “Demos” – the mysterious author of a memorandum that was circulated in Rome last year, which blasted the pontificate of Pope Francis as a “disaster and a catastrophe.”

Just a week before he died, Cardinal Pell also wrote an article in which he referred to Pope Francis’s precious Synod on Synodality” as a “toxic nightmare….”

Unfortunately, the Cardinal died suddenly last week, but, like Vigano and Lefebvre before him, he had obviously become aware that demons have infiltrated the Vatican, and that demons cannot be appeased but must be resisted to their faces.

In this episode of The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt discusses all this as well as the proper reaction to what’s happening to the Church and the world under this disastrous pope.

Is anger in the face of all this sinful, Michael asks? St. Thomas Aquinas certainly didn’t think so. He calls it “righteous anger”, in fact. So how is it that at a time like this so many pundits are recommending we “be nice” and just “say our prayer”?

Where’s the outrage? What if this strange admonition to “be nice” is just code for “be quiet”?

Was Don John of Austria nice? Were the Vendeans nice? The Cristeros? The Crusaders?

The demons are coming after our Church, our country and our families, which is why Michael asks the question: When do soldiers of Jesus Christ get to stop being nice and start fighting back again?

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