Wave of Burning, Defacing Churches Threatens End of Law and Order in US, by Tony Perkins

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July 18, 2020
Experts Map Out US Bishops’ ‘Social Networks’ That Helped Cover-Up Ex-Cardinal McCarrick’s Sex Abuse
July 20, 2020

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Americans, especially Christians, are making a huge mistake burying their head in the sand thinking this, too, shall pass.

Published with permission from the Family Research Council.

Tony PerkinsJuly 17, 2020 (Family Research Council) — It looked like something out of a 2015 news report — a picture from ISIS, maybe, torching its way through Mosul. But the charred pews and collapsed roof were not the work of Islamic terrorists, but America’s own. Over the weekend, the rioters, the same ones who wanted us to believe their cause is justice, came for our churches — using gasoline, lighters, gallons of paint, and vans to drive their message of destruction and chaos through the heart of America’s faithful.

It took more than 50 firefighters to put out the mountain of flames at San Gabriel Church, which — by Saturday night — was nothing but a rickety frame of smoldering ash. “It’s a tragic loss for our city,” exhausted fire chief Antonio Negrete told reporters. “It’s our city identifier.” Now, months shy of its 250-year birthday celebration, parishioners will be digging through the rubble instead.  …..

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