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By Jane Clark Scharl, Crisis Magazine, November 22, 2019

Jane Clark Scharl is a senior contributor at Crisis. Her work has previously appeared in National ReviewThe American Conservative, and The Intercollegiate Review.


Jane Clark ScharlOn November 4, this year’s 40 Days for Life campaign ended. During the campaign, a million Americans committed to fasting and praying for an end to abortion and healing for those affected by this tragedy. Even though the 2019 campaign has ended, there are many ways for pro-life Americans to continue to work towards making America a country where abortion is unthinkable, let alone legal.

The organization 40 Days for Life grasps the fundamental challenge faced by pro-life Americans: changing our nation’s laws is obviously important, but even more important is changing the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens. The pathway to overturning Roe is a long and weary one. If supporters of life have learned anything in the past fifty years, it is this: relying on the courts to resolve a cultural and interpersonal problem is a sure path to disappointment.

Fortunately, we do not need to rely on the courts. As of 2015 (the latest year with available data), there are over 2,700 pro-life pregnancy support centers in America offering life-changing resources and support to vulnerable women. These centers are defying every stereotype wielded by abortion advocates. They are far from ‘judgmental’ places that ‘only care about the baby’; instead, they offer holistic, life-long support to huge swathes of their communities because they care about helping people—all people—live full and contented lives. An inside look at just one such center should inspire pro-life Catholics and Protestants alike to focus at least some of their energy on the local, individual work that saves lives every single day—the lives of moms, dads, teenagers, the elderly, and the unborn. ….

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