Weak Men Start Wars, and Strong Men Prevent Them, by Rob and Andrew

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Biden-Trump. Image: WDJT Video 

By Rob and Andrew, America Out Loud, Feb 16, 2023

Rob is the founder of The Multicultural Conservative Foundation, whose mission is to promote the political diversity of conservatism through social media. He has been interviewed by many independent news organizations regarding his views on black conservatism ….Andrew is a social media pundit, writer, and podcast host. He believes in traditional Conservative values, including the right to free speech, America First, limited government, and the Bible.


During the four years, Donald Trump was president of the United States, not once did he get the country into a war with any of our adversaries. He didn’t even bring us to the brink of war with them.

Albeit, many of Trump’s critics predicted and swore Trump would start a war with either Russia, China, Korea, or Iran, it simply didn’t happen. What did happen was peace through strength. Trump managed to keep rogue nations at bay and gain their respect and an understanding that if they acted against the United States, there would be a price to pay.

Whether or not Trump was bluffing remains to be seen, but rogue nations dared to test him to find out.

Former President Trump was a strong man. A strong leader. P(r)resident Joe Biden on the other hand, is a weak man. He is not a strong leader, and the world sees and knows it. …