Were Sonic Weapons Used by Police Against Australians Peacefully Protesting COVID Tyranny? by Monica Smit

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February 19, 2022
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February 19, 2022

Sonic and EMF weapons used by the Canberra police against the Truckers for Freedom Australia. Twitter - stephen lane @ppglane

These are dark times for Australia

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MELBOURNE, Australia (LifeSiteNews) — In what appears to be another move towards militarized suppression of legal protests in Australia, there are troubling indications that the February 12 Canberra Convoy demonstrations, the biggest in Australia’s history, were targeted by sonic weapons. If so, it amounts to an outrageous attack by the government on its people.

I would also like to note that it’s possible some of the symptoms people are experiencing could have been a result just of extended sun exposure and dehydration. There is no proof that these weapons have caused any short- or long-term health issues; however, the fact they were there is concerning enough. Are officials trying to scare peaceful protesters from coming back? Are they using these weapons simply to cause confusion and worry? …