What Catholics Must Believe About the Blessed Virgin Mary, by Steven Bernasconi

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July 7, 2022
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By Steven Bernasconi, Catholic East Texas, July 1, 2022

During a recent trip back to Tyler, I was driving down Broadway Avenue with a non-Catholic friend when we spotted a bumper sticker that read: “No Mary, No Jesus. Know Mary, Know Jesus.” He didn’t know what to make of it, and I was soon flooded with all kinds of questions.

As our diocese celebrates the Year of Mary and the Eucharist, we will inevitably encounter many questions regarding Our Lady—and not just Protestants but from fellow Catholics, too. Just because one professes the Catholic Faith doesn’t necessarily mean that they know Catholic doctrine.

To help illustrate, imagine an average Catholic of goodwill. He doesn’t have a devotion to the Blessed Mother, but he isn’t necessarily opposed to it. He goes to Mass faithfully every Sunday and, as one interested in growing in his faith, sincerely wants to know whether or not Mary is “essential.” As far as he’s concerned, Marian devotion is fine for some, but he is unsure about her importance and asks, “As a Catholic, what must I believe about Mary?” …

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