What Happened to the Catholic Vote in the 2020 Presidential Election? by Stephen Beale

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People wait in line Oct. 27 to vote as part of early general voting at St. Dominic Catholic Church in Brooklyn, New York. (photo: Sam Aronov / Shutterstock.com)

According to exit polls, the vote seemed to split nearly evenly.

Stephen BealeCatholic voters split almost evenly between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the election, amid a Democrat effort to sway religious voters troubled by the president’s demeanor and rhetoric and positions on issues like immigration.

One exit poll showed Biden winning 51% of the Catholic vote, with 47% going to Trump, according to data published by The Washington Post. That would be a reversal of 2016, when Trump beat Hillary Clinton among Catholics, 52% to 45%, according to one analysis of the data. However, a second exit poll for the 2020 election, taken by The Associated Press and Fox News, suggested a closer race for Catholics, with Trump at 50% and Biden with 49%.   …