What is Civilization? by Joseph Pearce

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Sanctuary of Christ the King, Almada, Portugal (Deensel/CC BY 2.0/Wikimedia Commons) BLOGS | JUN. 3, 2020

What is civilization? It is the conforming of the heart of humanity to the Heart of Christ.

By Joseph Pearce, EWTN News, 6/3/20

Is civilization worth defending? Should we aim to conform to it so that we can be considered civilized? Should we aim to bring our children up according to its norms so that they can also be considered civilized? Should we try to make our country and our world as civilized a possible? The chances are that most people will answer in the affirmative to all of these questions. Most people, even in the dark ages in which we live, consider being civilized a good thing. The problem is that most people have no clear understanding of what civilization is or, perhaps as important, what it isn’t. It might be a good exercise, therefore, to begin to seek a clear definition of the thing to which most of us are happy to subscribe.

What is civilization?

Perhaps the best place to start would be to consult the oracle of oracles, the palantir of all palantiri, by which, of course, I mean Wikipedia. …

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