What It Means if Glenn Youngkin Wins, by Rich Lowry

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October 29, 2021
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October 29, 2021

By Rich Lowry, Patriot Post, Oct. 29, 2021

Next year’s midterms could look particularly bleak for the Democrats.

A specter haunts the Democratic Party — the possibility of a Glenn Youngkin victory in the Virginia gubernatorial race.

The former businessman and political neophyte is running neck and neck with Terry McAuliffe, the longtime Democratic fixture who is seeking a return to the governor’s mansion after serving one term from 2014 to 2018.

It’s a jump-ball race in what’s become a blue state, and McAuliffe, who has called in seemingly every Democrat with a national profile the past few days, might yet pull it out.

A Youngkin victory, though, would be significant. It wouldn’t just send tremors of fear through Democrats nationally, it would point to a viable path ahead for the GOP in swing areas. …

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