What Men Can Do to End Abortion

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September 5, 2018
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September 6, 2018

By Robert Colquhoun, The Catholic Gentleman

Men are frequently told that abortion is a women’s issue and therefore they should have no role in the issue. The argument follows that since men cannot get pregnant and have abortions, they cannot understand what a woman is going through and therefore they should have no voice.

This argument is flawed because men are also affected by abortion and should have a voice in the debate. Many men have been deeply damaged by abortion. As men share in the pain, they are also responsible for the situation and should take responsibility for the consequences. Men should protect the innocent.

Frequent miscommunications between men and women happen over abortions. A man may say to a woman, “I respect whatever decision you make.” Some women interpret this to mean, “Have an abortion.” The father of a child is likely to play an important part in the decision for childbirth or for abortion. Many relationships break up after an abortion. Protecting women and babies from abortion is very much a men’s issue and perhaps one of the most important ways of expressing masculinity. Men’s voices matter, the pain of post abortion grief is not forgotten easily and men have a crucial part to play in ending abortion. Predatory males are given leverage by the abortion culture which gives them an extended license to secrecy and protection. Coercive abortions (men forcing women to have abortions) is not unheard of. Men get a free pass and it is the baby that is killed.

At 40 Days for Life, we help Christians end abortion where they live. We have both male and female leaders who lead local campaigns of prayer outside abortion centers and who conduct community outreach. We frequently see hundreds of children saved from abortion thanks to the sacrificial and selfless acts of public prayer and witness. Pavement counselors offer help to abortion-minded women who often change their mind to choose life. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, men pray throughout the night for mothers and children who are abortion-minded outside the Planned Parenthood in the city.

Organising prayer vigils outside abortion centres is a brilliant way for men to get involved in the abortion debate. It shows they care and this methodology can save lives from abortion. Your witness outside an abortion centre can help you reach and support the very people who are affected and in need of help. Evidence proves that this method of peaceful, legal witness is incredibly effective. Men do not need to be afraid of what other people think of them, but instead demonstrate spiritual leadership at a time of crisis. Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States has been shown to profit from the sale of baby body parts following abortions. Grandchildren will ask, “What did you do during the great abortion holocaust?” We cannot be silent in the face of evil.

What would you say to a woman who is just seconds away from having an abortion? Pavement counseling is a life-transforming ministry which directly leads to hearts and minds changing on the issue of abortion. Get out where you live into the public square, do not be afraid and go and make a difference where you live. You might be astonished by the results and the level of impact you have. We can show love not only in how we speak, but how we act. Show the power of love by being an example of love.

Robert Colquhoun is the Director of International Director of 40 Days for Life. To find out more about 40 Days for Life please visit: 40daysforlife.com