What the Lubbock Sanctuary for the Unborn Shows Us, by James Anthony

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May 12, 2021
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May 12, 2021


Where voters support the Constitution’s guarantee of a right to life, what’s needed are legislators, executives, judges, jurors, and jailers who support it, too.

By James Anthony, American Greatness,

James Anthony is the author of The Constitution Needs a Good Party

The Sanctuary for the Unborn movement won its largest victory so far when, after two years of legwork involving 200 local churches, voters in Lubbock, Texas (pop. 316,453) passed an ordinance against abortion.

But check the ordinance’s fine print.

The ordinance blocks city and state penalties until the Supreme Court reverses all past opinions that abortion is “constitutionally protected.”

The ordinance also makes lawsuits moot unless the Supreme Court rules against abortion, a state or federal court opines that an abortionist lacks standing to speak for people who seek abortions, and a state or federal court decides that punishment for committing abortion would not impose an undue burden on people who seek abortions. …