What the Resignation of a UK Bishop Reveals About the Current Crisis

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September 13, 2018
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By Caroline Farrow, Crisis Magazine, September 13, 2018

Over the past few months my mind has turned repeatedly to the case of my former bishop, Kieran Conry of the diocese of Arundel and Brighton. He resigned back in 2014 after Simon Hodgkinson, the aggrieved husband of Olivia, went to the presswith claims that his wife had been enjoying an illicit affair with Bishop Conry, who had been counseling her over her marriage troubles.

Having been tipped off that the story was about to break, Bishop Conry immediately announced his resignation, denying that he had been involved inappropriately with Mrs Hodgkinson and instead citing a sexual relationship he had with another woman some years previously. In an interview with the UK’s Daily Mail, Bishop Conry spoke of his relief at having been outed, calling it a liberation and noted that he did not believe he had been a “bad bishop” and he did not believe that his affair(s) had got in the way of his job. At least, Conry added, he had never attempted to make sexual morality the subject of his homilies. He might be an adulterer but thank goodness he wasn’t a hypocrite!….continued….crisismagazine.com/2018/what-the-resignation-of-a-uk-bishop-says-about-the-current-crisis