What Will Be the New American Cause? by Patrick J. Buchanan 

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April 21, 2020
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April 21, 2020

By Patrick J. Buchanan, April 21, 2020

If Trump wins, borders will be tightened. The U.S. withdrawal from the Mideast will continue. U.S. manufacturing will begin to be repatriated. Transnational institutions will be downgraded, ignored and superseded. The watchword will be what it has lately been: “America First.”

After the Great Pandemic has passed and we emerge from Great Depression II, what will be America’s mission in the world?

What will be America’s cause?

We have been at such a turning point before.

After World War II, Americans wanted to come home. But we put aside our nation-building to face the challenge of a malevolent Stalinist empire dominant from the Elbe river to the Barents Sea. ….

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