When a Paving Project Helps Reach Abortion Workers 

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March 13, 2018
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By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow, March 12, 2018

Good timing could produce promising results in Houston, Texas, where abortion workers are hearing encouragement to leave the industry and find other employment.

And Then There Were None was established by former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson to assist abortion clinic workers in leaving their jobs in the abortion industry and finding other jobs. Currently the organization is utilizing a billboard outside Houston’s primary Planned Parenthood clinic to reach abortion workers there.

“It is directly in front of the largest abortion facility in the western hemisphere and the message on the board is really clear,” Pamela Whitehead, projects and client manager for ATTWN, tells OneNewsNow. “It’s a very loving message. It says, ‘We’ve been where you are; we’re here to listen.’ The billboard will be up for two months.”

The timing couldn’t be better. The huge abortion operation is repaving its parking lot, giving pro-life volunteers unprecedented access to abortion workers.

“Normally the clinic workers have to park in a gated parking lot so you don’t have access to the workers,” she says. “But because that parking lot is being repaved, workers have to walk up the sidewalk and past our advocates to go into the facility. We’re able to tell them our names and let them know that we’re available for them.”

A similar campaign was successful in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the six billboards strategically located at Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas, abortion clinics.