When ‘Woke’ Proves Too Much for Liberal San Francisco, by Bob Kellogg, Billy Davis

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April 21, 2021
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April 21, 2021

By Bob Kellogg, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow, April 20, 2021

One of most far-left communities in famously liberal California is proving that, sometimes, the public can put the brakes on “woke” politics that condemn a liberal feminist leader and a slave-freeing president.

In the face of mounting public pressure, the school board that oversees the San Francisco Unified School District has dropped its plan to rename public schools named after history-making heroes such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

After announcing plans in January to rename 44 schools, the school board put that plan on hold in February amid mounting pressure then dropped its plans at an April 7 school board meeting. The school board cited the “distraction” of public outcry and the “wasteful expenditures” of public funds to fight separate lawsuits filed by school alumni and by the City of San Francisco…..

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