Who Decides Who and What Is Essential, and Which Lives Matter? by Allen West

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June 8, 2020
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June 8, 2020

NYC action in solidarity with Ferguson. Mo, encouraging a boycott of Black Friday Consumerism.

By Allen West, CNSNews, June 8, 2020

It has been two weeks since my motorcycle crash on I-35, at the speed of 75 mph. I just cannot reiterate my sincere and humble gratitude for the outpouring of prayers.

As you are reading this missive, I am undergoing surgery on my right shoulder socket to repair the fracture. It is a bit of a struggle to sit and prepare the missive, and I am experiencing neck pain. However, God’s grace has enabled me to survive and even get back into my running routine, back to four miles.

Sunday morning as I was running, I reflected on this thought: Who decides what is “essential” and whose life matters?

First, let us acknowledge that this nation is united in the disgust over the murder of George Floyd by four bad law enforcement officers. Then something changed. Radical leftist organizations such as Black Lives Matter stepped in and made a decision about how much Floyd’s life mattered.  …

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