Why Homeschooling and Catholic Schools? Because Children Belong to God and Their Families — Not to the Government, by Erika J. Ahern 

Distorted Justice, by Rodney Pelletier
April 22, 2021
Call Continues to Exit Public Education, Opt for Alternatives, by Bob Kellogg, Jody Brown
April 22, 2021

Home education in the United States and globally is one expression (solidly Catholic schools are another) of the fundamental truth that children do not belong to the state.

Much has been made of the rise of home education during the pandemic. “Everyone’s a homeschooler now!” became a popular social media meme, accompanied by photos of various female Avengers captioned “How My Friends See Me Now.”

There was some sweet, if ungodly, satisfaction for me as a long-time homeschooler knowing that at last, parents all over the world were learning what it takes to run a home, hold down a job, and “school” multiple children. There was also a great hope that the silver lining of the pandemic was precisely that families would spend time together, rediscover the joy of a quieter life, and find strengths hitherto undiscovered. What began as necessity may continue as a choice. …