Why the Democratic Party is So Bent on Destroying Trump, by Mike Huckabee

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March 9, 2021
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March 9, 2021

By Mike Huckabee, The Stream, March 7, 2021

If it seems to you that Democrats are absolutely frantic to destroy President Trump and any fleeting thought he might have of ever running for office again, you’re right. They impeached the man for the second time as he was on his way out the door. They canceled his Twitter account. They’ve moved ahead with their fishing expedition into his finances, courtesy of a longtime political foe, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. Trump’s enemies want him in jail and totally disgraced, for something, anything.

With Biden inaugurated and Trump out of office – and no “insurrection” taking place on March 4 to magically give him a second term – what is all the fuss about? Trump lost the fight, right? He’s no longer President. So why are they still crazy? Why can’t they just focus on doing their jobs?  …

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