Why the Easter Season Matters, by Regis Martin

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April 22, 2020
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April 23, 2020

Alonso López de Herrera, “The Resurrection of Christ,” c. 1625

We are Christians, who belong to the Risen King, and thus we know something others do not.

By Regis Martin, National Catholic Register, 4/20/20

It is only in the light of Easter Sunday that we are free to enjoy the rest of the year. And to see death, not as an implacable enemy against whom we cannot prevail, but as an old and dear friend who, despite the frightful disguise he frequently wears, enables us finally to enter another world, a setting of unimaginable beauty and joy where, for all eternity, we are embraced by the arms of Almighty God. It is the Risen Christ whom we have to thank for this. Death is no longer a wall so high and wide nothing can get by it, but a door through which we walk hand in hand with the Lord to that truly Good Place long prepared for those who love him.

Isn’t this the best possible piece of good news there could ever be? Had Christ not shattered the wall of death by the simple expedient of bursting right through it in Easter triumph, then all life would end in despair. Followed by blank, everlasting extinction. Imagine everything and everyone annihilated by day’s end. Even birth would bring no benefit had Christ not been born among us in order to die on a Cross for our salvation. …

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