Why the World Needs Lent, by John Gravino

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March 10, 2022
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March 17, 2022

By John Gravino, March 9, 2022

You may not have known this, but a traditional Lenten practice is to read a spiritual book all the way through, beginning to end. And have I got a book for you—The Life of Moses by St. Gregory of Nyssa, whose feast day happens to be today, March 9th. The great theme of Lent is the 40-year Israelite exodus in the desert. In the office of Readings of the Divine Office, Lent kicks off with the story of the persecution of the Israelites in Egypt and their deliverance by God through Moses. And so St. Gregory’s reflection on the Biblical story of Moses is just a perfect spiritual work for the forty days of Lent.

St. Gregory is the younger brother of St. Basil the Great, a Doctor of the Church who was responsible for promoting monasticism and giving shape to that vocation through his influential writings.  ….