Why We Should Fight, by Sheryl Collmer

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August 2, 2022
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August 2, 2022

[Image: The Battle of Lepanto]

By Sheryl Collmer, Crisis Magazine, Aug. 1, 2022

Sheryl Collmer is an independent consultant for several non-profit organizations. She holds a Masters in Theological Studies from the University of Dallas, as well as an MBA. She lives in the diocese of Tyler, Texas.

When I was a very naïve eleven years old
, a gang of boys from school caught me in a neighbor’s backyard by myself. A girlfriend had been with me, but she ran away. I barely knew enough to be afraid, but I did know that I didn’t like being held down by someone bigger than me.

Since I was clearly outmanned, I didn’t fight. And I didn’t tell, not until sometime in my twenties. I expect there was damage I don’t begin to understand, but I worked my way to forgiveness through Christ, and I put it behind me. …

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