Wielding Secrecy as a Weapon, by Christine Niles

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By Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D., Church Militant, November 19, 2019

The Detroit archdiocese is hiding information


Chris Kolomjec: “In this case it has been used to cover up the incompetence, mistakes or the malice — I hate to say it — towards Father Perrone.”

Michigan attorney Christopher Kolomjec is slamming the use of pontifical secrecy to protect the archdiocese of Detroit.

Father Eduard Perrone was suspended from ministry in July over a 40-year-old allegation of abuse based on a so-called repressed memory.

Michael Voris: “Are the charges that have been publicly leveled against you true or not?”

Fr. Eduard Perrone: “They’re entirely false.”

Critics have blasted the archdiocese for finding the allegation credible, especially in light of newly published documents revealing that the accuser admitted he could not recall any specific incidents of abuse, and at most all he has is a hunch.

From his interview with the Michigan State Police in June: “[The accuser] stated he feels like something could have happened then although he is not sure if it did and is currently working with his therapist to uncover those memories.”  …

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