Will Catholic Charismatics Embrace the Latin Mass? by James Baresel

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By James Baresel, Crisis Magazine, July 26, 2019

James BareselI have recently seen a handful of stories about clergy and religious with a strong background in the charismatic movement coming to embrace the Tridentine Mass without abandoning their charismatic orientation. This includes an article published by Catholic Herald about the charismatic Franciscans of the Holy Spirit learning the old liturgy and a personal account by a charismatic priest which was posted by Father Zuhlsdorf. I do not know if this is a common trend since both publicized examples and my own personal experience are necessarily anecdotal. But I would say that if it is not a trend it has the potential to become one; the reasons which lead people to embrace the charismatic movement can easily lead them to eventually embrace the Tridentine Mass.

Such a suggestion may sound strange to many. As someone who began to attend the Tridentine Mass twenty years ago and who has never been a charismatic it once seemed strange to me. But it becomes less surprising, and perhaps almost predictable, when we stop thinking about the differences between charismatic practice and the ritual formality of the Tridentine liturgy and start thinking about what motivates people to embrace both. When we look at the topic at this level what becomes obvious is that many charismatics—perhaps not the majority but probably a high proportion of them—are not motivated by a desire for theocentric worship rather than by hostility to ritual formality. ….

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