Will the Supreme Court Stand Up for Reality? by Ryan T. Anderson

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By Ryan T. Anderson, Patriot Post, Dec. 8, 2019

Does a 50-year-old law banning discrimination based on sex mean employers must treat biological men who identify as women as if they are women? That’s the question the Supreme Court will consider Tuesday when it hears arguments in Harris Funeral Homes v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The Supremes’ answer could have enormous implications for women’s rights.

Harris Funeral Homes has helped families in Detroit navigate the grieving process for more than a century. To be as unobtrusive as possible, the directors at this family-owned business follow a basic dress code: Men wear dark business suits; women wear skirt suits. The dress code complies with federal law.

For six years, Anthony Stephens followed it. Then he ­announced that he would take a two-week vacation and returned to work dressed as a woman ­going by the name Aimee. ….

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