WND: The Pro-Life Movement’s Greatest Challenge Ever

Memorial Day Reminiscing, by Ron Helle
May 27, 2022
Fourth Bishop Bans Nancy Pelosi From Receiving Communion Because She Promotes Abortion, by Steven Ertelt
May 27, 2022


Roe repeal could change everything for those dedicated to saving unborn

Anticipating that the Supreme Court might imminently repeal Roe v. Wade, its most controversial and society-transforming decision in a century, America – already a war zone because of the destructive and intentionally divisive policies of today’s radicalized Democratic Party – is descending into full-blown meltdown.

Hysterically shrieking mobs waving coat hangers and promising violence are everywhere, firebombing pro-life headquarters and threatening the lives of its staffers, others swarming the private homes of Supreme Court justices and their families in brazen violation of federal law. A new Department of Homeland Security report reveals law enforcement agencies are investigating “threats to burn down or storm the Supreme Court building and murder justices and their clerks” and to attack “places of worship.” All just the beginning of their widely proclaimed “summer of rage.” …

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